The future of clean.

With the Electrolux Pure i9 working at home you can be elsewhere, or doing other things. It’s the world’s smartest robotic floor cleaner.

Revolutionary Design

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Innovative Trinity Shape

Cleans further into corners

Pure i9 reaches areas other robotic vacuums can’t. The triangular Trinity Shape™, PureFlow technology, and super efficient side PowerBrush™ combine to clean every corner of your home.

Smartphone App Control

Vacuum from anywhere

The Pure i9 mobile app allows you to start, stop, schedule and monitor the robot from wherever you are. You can customise a cleaning schedule and operate remotely at anytime, always returning to a beautifully clean home.

Smart charge & resume

When it’s time to recharge, the Pure i9 will dock itself, then resume cleaning to get the job finished. It can return to recharge twice during a job, returning to the dock to stay the third time.

Electrolux 3D vision™

Self-sufficient cleaning

Electrolux Pure i9 uses the exclusive 3D Vision System™ (a combination of lasers and camera) to map your home’s layout, detect obstacles and navigate around them. It won’t get stuck under furniture, fall down stairs, suck up socks or wake your pets.

XXL Brush Roll & Filter

Powerful suction & flow

PureFlow technology ensures maximum dust pick up. Super strong airflow powered by a brushless motor, together with a XXL wide brush roll and XXL filter ensures optimum suction on all floor types.


Reach more rooms

Exclusive ClimbForceDrive™ enables climbing up to 2.2cm high obstacles without getting stuck. So transitioning from hard floors up to carpets and rugs is a breeze.

Lithium Turbopower Battery

More power for longer

Lithium TurboPower batteries deliver more power for longer and a longer battery lifetime.

Start vacuuming from anywhere

Take vacuuming the house off your to do list with the Electrolux Pure i9.

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